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Hickok’s Bar and Grill

No surprise that Forbes Cross and Michael Peterson* are a winning combination. If you mention their names in the same sentence, people assume that whatever they are working on will be successful.

So it is with their latest venture, Hickok’s Bar and Grill. It has taken over the space previously occupied by Dos Hombres in the River Market area. The interior reminded me of  restaurants I have frequented in Portland, Maine, with high ceilings, brick walls and exposed pipes. It consists of several rooms, with an attractive bar in front. Though the menu is heavy with Southwestern dishes, diners will also find burgers, ribs, salads, hangar steak, meatloaf , fish and  pork chops. And everything sounds appealing; it’s one of those places where it’s hard to decide what to order.

Each time I’ve been we’ve gravitated towards the Southwestern choices. The red chili chicken quesadilla was killer–a bit sweet, with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, poblanos, and tons of flavor. The grilled shrimp tacos are another winner, served on  fabulous corn tortillas, dripping with a red chili mayo. The nachos were substantial to say the least, and though I couldn’t resist plowing through the layers, they could have benefited from more “stuff” besides chicken and cheese. And then there’s the tuna. Tuna “takos”, tuna nachos on rice chips, and grilled tuna with cabbage and a red chili vinaigrette. The vinaigrette shows up often, but that’s a good thing, as it was when it graced the blackened salmon sandwich at Trezo Mare, one of the many restaurants that Peterson helped launch.

Happy Hour offers some great drink and food specials, with more than enough options to make a whole meal.

Word has it that Hickok’s has some awesome handcut French fries, so that’s a reason right there to go back, but there are two pages worth of other reasons.

* UPDATE: Michael Peterson has left Hickok’s and is planning to open his own restaurant. Hopefully, they have a chef in place who can continue what he started.

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The Farmhouse

Food 005An emphasis on eating  food produced or raised on local farms has become a national trend, hopefully not just a short-lived fad. Restaurants are cropping up all over (pun intended) that feature locally sourced ingredients on the menu. One  such spot to open recently in the Kansas City area is The Farmhouse, in the River Market. Though in the same location as the Delaware Cafe, the new owners have eliminated the cavernous feel of the former restaurant by closing off the old dining room and transforming the bar into an attractive eating space. There’s also a shaded patio.

My first venture to The Farmhouse was mixed. My friend and I shared a  BLT and the pork sliders, which our waitress said was a popular seller. The BLT was on nicely grilled Farm Fresh bread, and the bacon was thick and crisp. The sandwich was a little light on the “T” part of the equation, but it was just the start of the heirloom tomato season and maybe  they were rationing them in the kitchen. The tomato slice I had was juicy and rich with flavor, and an herb aioli was a tasty substitute for the standard mayonnaise dress.

The pork slider was a bit of a disappointment. Billed as pulled pork, this was a bit mushy instead. But the caramelized onions and cherry chutney made up for it.  I also tasted the crisp goat cheese salad, atop fresh greens in a citrus vinaigrette. I didn’t check the list of farms on the blackboard  to see if the cheese came from Green Dirt Farm, but I wouldn’t be surprised–they are making a big splash right now and can be found all over the metro.

All sandwiches come with fries, and these met my stringent requirements–hand cut, crisp, thin and hot! The only downside was the ketchup. I appreciated that it was homemade, another trend these days, but their version was thin and didn’t have much flavor.

We also indulged in a slice of cherry blackberry pie, which was fabulous. The  filling was thick and tasted like a berry patch, and the crust resembled a brown butter cookie.

Other items on the menu include a beet salad, a version of a tomato Caprese salad, a Reuben, a chicken salad sandwich with smoked paprika aioli that caught my eye, and a fried green tomato and goat cheese sandwich. The menu will change according to seasons and whatever is available at the markets, another selling  point for those of us who like variety and fresh ingredients.

Executive Chef Mike Faust has cooked in France, Oregon and NYC, including one of my favorite restaurants there, Union Square Cafe.  Chef de Cuisine Zeb Humphrey has cooked in the kitchens of 40 Sardines, 1924 Main, and Extra Virgin. With the pedigree of these two guys, I’m expecting great things from them when dinner service starts later this summer.

300 Delaware St.

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