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Edokko Japanese Restaurant

I had heard wonderful things about Edokko in Lenexa and decided it was time to give it a try.

Walking in, I was immediately struck by the serene nature of the restaurant. An attractive sushi bar is the focal point, with booths and tables circling it on two levels. It’s dark, you can hear water trickling in soothing fashion and the service is soft and unobtrusive.

There are no hibachi tables or showmen juggling their knives and aiming shrimp at your mouth, though you can get hibachi style shrimp and steak dinners if you choose. However, I was there for the sushi and noodles, both of which are well-executed. The soba noodles were stir fried with vegetables and noodles and had a pleasant, light flavor.

Sushi is clearly the star of the show here, and there is a notebook with pictures of each maki roll that the chef makes. Considering that the list of rolls is so long, it helps to have a corresponding picture to help diners make a decision. I had the special tuna roll, with tuna and avocado inside and spicy tuna and tempura flakes on top. The tuna was excellent, though the flakes  masked the other ingredients. I also order a handrolled spider roll with softshell crab and rice rolled up in nori. Visually attractive and so easy to eat–no chopsticks necessary– like picking up and dipping an egg roll in sauce.

The list of appetizers is also impressive, from baked mussels and crab cakes to vegetable tempura and steamed dumplings. Teriyaki is also on the menu for those who can’t stomach sushi or sashimi.

For those of us who live in midtown, it’s quite a trek. But if you’re in the neighborhood of I-35 and 87th Street, it’s a lovely oasis in a busy part of town.

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Cafe Beautiful-Lawrence

As we walked into Cafe Beautiful, my son and I were immediately captivated by the serene tableau that lay before us. Two tables were carefully set, scented candles filled the air, the lighting was low, and Frank Sinatra crooned in the background. The living room of the chef/owner’s apartment, on the second floor of a non-descript building on Massachusetts Ave in Lawrence, was the unlikely setting for a memorable and relaxing evening.

Chef Ken Suken is a delight. He is committed to ensuring his guests are happy–he’s the host of a very intimate party and we were the only guests.  One table at a time allows him to focus all of his attention on cooking, serving…and washing dishes.  And, while the other table in the room was booked with a later reservation, Chef Suken assured us that we should feel free to linger as our table was reserved for us the entire evening.

We settled in with the wine we had brought, leaned back in our comfortable chairs, and prepared to be dazzled. Which we were, right from the get-go. From the first course to the eighth and last, the production was unlike anything either of us had ever experienced. This is one talented man.

Each course was well-timed and came with a complete and poetic description of what was on the plate. I expected the food to be good, but I was unprepared for the depth and texture of flavors, and picture-perfect presentation. Though I took a picture of all the courses,  they simply did not adequately depict the care and pride that Chef Suken showered us with throughout the evening.

The pictures below have captions that describe each dish. (For some reason, I am missing the 5th course, which was king salmon with an asian pear reduction sauce, paired with king crab salad and mustard sauce.) We finished with a sweet pomegranate tea.

miso soup with seafood, vegetables-Cafe Beautiful-Lawrence

Miso Soup with seafood, tofu and vegetables

fruit salad with ginger dressing-Cafe Beautiful-Lawrence

Fruit salad with ginger dressing

custard with shrimp

egg custard with shrimp baked in a baby pumpkin

Seafood salad with butterflied shrimp and seared white tuna topped with wasabi vinaigrette

Seafood salad with butterflied shrimp and seared white tuna, topped with wasabi vinaigrette

Red snapper with a citrus soy sauce in an ice "bowl"

red snapper sashimi with a citrus soy sauce served in an "ice bowl"

Eel in eel sauce, with vegetable sushi

Eel with eel sauce, and vegetable sushi

This is an ideal place to go with a close friend or family member with whom you enjoy spending time. There are no distractions–it’s just you and your companion(s) for more than two hours, so pick wisely! You will leave happy, relaxed and satisfied.

Be sure to call ahead. Since Cafe Beautiful only seats eight, it’s reservations only, no walk-ins.

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