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Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ

Danny Edwards’ outpost on Southwest Blvd. has one major advantage over its old digs downtown–square footage! Instead of resorting to carry-out, it’s great to be able to dive right into some serious barbecue. Danny Edwards is always in contention for “Best Barbecue” honors,  and is even listed in Zagat’s Dining Survey of “Best Restaurants in Kansas City”.

While I prefer the Carolina style sandwich (pulled pork with slaw and Bubba’s special sauce) at Oklahoma Joe’s, the beef doesn’t get any leaner or the sweet potato fries any better than at Danny Edwards.  (I prefer the regular fries to Oklahoma Joe’s as well, but I realize those are fighting words.) 

The ribs are pretty awesome, too, perfectly smoked and with very little fat. On my last visit, I ordered the Mexican chili with pork and pinto beans, and though it wasn’t as spicy as the first time I tried it, it was still full of flavor and chock full of meat, beans and carrots. Served with tortillas, you could make it a full meal, but that would mean passing on some of the traditional barbecue items, and that’s just too tall of an order.

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Wine Spectator Comes to KC

There I was one Sunday afternoon watching the Royals (I’m an optimist) and reading a recent issue of Wine Spectator, when I came upon an article touting the virtues of our own Oklahoma Joe’s.

In Kansas City visiting friends, James Laube, noted wine expert,  hit many of our town’s hot spots, including Blanc Burger and Bottles, Extra Virgin, and Starker’s.  Then he got down to business with a barbecue tour, paying homage to Oklahoma Joe’s, Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, Jack’s Stack and L.C.’s–all in one day! He was disappointed that none of these restaurants had a wine list except Jack’s Stack. (On the contrary, I think most Kansas Citians would be put off if they did!) He did offer one bit of good advice for those who enjoy wine with barbecue. Pair it with peppery Zinfandels or Syrahs — they can stand up to spicy sauces. Regardless, I think I’ll stick to Boulevard Wheat with my ribs.

The author proclaimed Oklahoma Joe’s the best of the barbecue,  another feather in its cap for this local favorite. Earlier this summer, Anthony Bourdain of Kitchen Confidential fame named it one of the “Thirteen Places to Eat Before you Die” in Men’s Health magazine (an interesting choice for a health mag).  This comes of course as no surprise to those of us who consider barbecue one of the four food groups.

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