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B.R.G.R. Kitchen + Bar

My friends keep asking what I think of  B.R.G.R. Kitchen + Bar. Well, after my visit earlier this week, I can finally tell them.

I enjoyed the experience.  The place has a very cool industrial-chic thing going on, with wood tables and floors that are offset by metal chairs and fixtures. The dining room has high ceilings and can be noisy when full, but there is a separate bar area with TVs and tall tables, as well as an outdoor space. I had heard mixed reviews of the service, but ours was outstanding–attentive, friendly and efficient.

We started with the Blue Cheesy Chips, homemade potato chips with a blue cheese sauce and crumbles. The potato chips were crisp and yummy, as was the sauce, but someone in the kitchen had a heavy hand with the black pepper which detracted somewhat from the dish.

I had one of the “Historical Burgers”, the BRGR, a beef patty with caramelized onions mixed into the meat, and topped with mustard and pickles. I ordered it medium rare, which is how it was served, and it was juicy and flavorful.  However, I would never have known there were onions inside the burger, and would order grilled onions atop the patty next time. (Perhaps that added to the flavor, but it’s not something I picked up on).

We also ordered a combo of sides, and chose BRGR fries, sweet potato fries and onion straws. They were delightfully presented, on a wood plank, with each portion of fries served in a tin camp cup. (Or perhaps an oil can, in keeping with the service station motif.) The regular fries were excellent, thin and fairly crisp, though the sweet potato fries were thick and didn’t have much taste. The onion straws could have been a bit less limp, but we had no trouble finishing them.

The unisex bathrooms take a little getting used to–the stalls themselves are completely private, but all users share the sinks. There were only women in the bathroom when I used it, but I think it would be a bit awkward otherwise.

Comparisons to Blanc Burger are inevitable, and I’d have to say that though the B.R.G.R burgers are tasty and juicy, the toppings and combinations aren’t as sophisticated as Blanc’s.The menu is much larger, and features many entree salads as well as hot dogs and mac n’cheese. There is a vegetarian burger with lentils, carrots, onions and beets, which is on my list to try next time,  a turkey burger, a Portobello mushroom burger, a grilled cheese sandwich and a grilled chicken sandwich, so you don’t have to be a burger lover to enjoy your meal. I hope they add a bison burger at some point, since they are leaner and more healthful than a traditional beef burger.

The latest trend is for restaurants to make their own ketchup, mustard and, in some cases, pickles. While I like Blanc’s homemade offerings, most restaurants’ renditions seem to fall short and B.R.G.R.’s are no exception. Give me Heinz anytime.

With burger places popping up all over the country, Kansas City is certainly getting its fill, but I’m sure residents of Prairie Village are happy to  have a restaurant of this quality in their neck of the woods.

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Swagger Fine Spirits and Food

I have been reading about Swagger for several months and was very interested to check it out. The fact that chefs frequent it when away from their own kitchens was intriguing to me, and now I know why. I went for lunch the other day and had a great burger.

It’s most definitely a bar, first and foremost, but the food is definitely NOT an afterthought. The list of beers on tap is lengthy, but the menu is just as long. Burgers are a highlight, with the specialty of the house being tempura battered and topped with sriracha sauce and wasabi coleslaw. But the hamburgers need no embellishment–the meat is hand ground and extremely juicy. Practically every bite sent juice dripping down the plate (or arm). The French fries are hand cut and lightly seasoned. They reminded me of the old Jake Edwards fries–not a bad comparison in my book. Other menu items include dozens of sandwiches, salads, wings and even breakfast.

We were there at lunch and the bartender took our order. Service was efficient and friendly. Though women would definitely feel comfortable here, this would be a perfect venue for a guys’ night out. The fare is hearty, the bar is well stocked and, though the TVs aren’t huge, they are tuned to sports at all hours.

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