Penzey’s Spices

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Did you  know that one of the finest spice shops in the country has a venue in Kansas City?  What started as one store in Wisconsin has expanded into a large scale operation of more than 40 stores throughout the United States. For years I ordered spices from the Penzey’s catalog that I received in the mail twice a year. The Kansas store in Old Overland Park was one of the first outside Wisconsin to open, and I have been frequenting it ever since.

The selection goes well beyond the typical herbs you know well such as oregano, thyme, cumin, rosemary, bay leaves. Spices from India, Mexico, Turkey and beyond are represented here. Chiles? Take your pick of Aleppo peppers, ancho chiles, guajillo chiles, chile blends for chili. Curry? Do you like it hot or mild, sweet or pungent? Cocoa powder? For hot chocolate or brownies? Saffron? The finest in the world or a more affordable option? Do you prefer to grind your own spices? Whole seeds are available in addition to ground seeds.  Need a lot or a little? Buy a small bottle or a big bagful.

It’s recommended that dried spices be thrown out every six months. Why not treat yourself to a whole new inventory? Penzey’s has everything you need and then some.


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