El Camino Real

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I’m late to the party. Numerous articles and blog posts have already extolled the virtues of El Camino Real, an authentic Mexican dive in Kansas City, KS. I can understand why Charles Ferruzza, my colleague on Walt Bodine’s “Food Critics” show, urged me to give it a try. IMG_0356

We enjoyed a broad sampling of the menu, ordering a tamale, tacos, enchiladas and a burrito. Chips are brought to the table along with a bowl of pico de gallo and a squirt bottle of  chipotle salsa. The tamale was filled with pork and came to the table piping hot. IMG_0352It was moist and tasty. The tacos are made with two stacked homemade corn tortillas and the filling of your choice, and  served with small bowls of onions and cilantro. The pork carnitas burrito came with rice and refried beans. The red sauce that covered it was weak and didn’t have much flavor, so I asked for a bowl of salsa verde to pour over it, which was a huge improvement and made the dish quite enjoyable. The enchiladas won the night. Stuffed with cheese and onions, they were topped with a wonderful mole sauce–sweeter than some,  not as chocolaty or rich as most.

IMG_0353IMG_0355I am a huge fan of New Mexican cuisine, and I tend to compare Mexican fare that I eat in Kansas City to what I devour in Santa Fe. It’s not a fair comparison, I know. If you are in the mood for a very simple, quick, and inexpensive Mexican meal, give El Camino Real a try. Is it the best Mexican food I’ve had in Kansas City?  Probably not, but it sure beats some of the well-frequented establishments on Southwest Blvd.

903 N. Seventh St.

Kansas City, KS

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